Saskatchewan Placenames web pages back online!!!

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 Saskatchewan Placenames is now operational online, the many and several places of Saskatchewan and their regions are able to be viewed once more.

Sask Gen Web a part of the Canada Gen Web Project is now back online and on the internet, so thousands and thousands of resources transcribed or photographed and uploaded to the internet on the  Saskatchewan Gen Web Rootsweb pages can once again be viewed!  From cemeteries, to public domain books and historical maps, ancestral biographies, family trees, and much, much more.  See why Ancestry/Rootsweb had previously taken all the original pages of data off line and read a news account of why Ancestry/Rootsweb pages are offline 

Thank you kindly for the hours of dedicated work put into the web pages by the many Saskatchewan Gen Web volunteers, and those who had submitted information, pictures and resources to the Saskatchewan gen web project on Ancestry/rootsweb your interest and dedication was simply amazing and appreciated by so many!   The original Saskatchewan Gen Web is back up and running  Thank you to Rootsweb - Ancestry IT department for restoring and preserving the data submitted by volunteers and submitters

Saskatchewan Gen Web had a temporary presence here on this page providing genealogical resources while rootsweb/ was the original SaskGen Web web pages between December 2017 and September 2018. Thank you for visiting the temporary SaskGenWeb site with announcements periodically on the E-Magazine and on wordpress. 

Saskatchewan  Gen Web, the resource and database projects and Saskatchewan Regions are an online centre for free online genealogy assistance, resources, listings, and databases and information.  The Gen Webs receive transcripts, photographs, and digitized genealogical information from interested citizens, historians and genealogists and the Gen Web volunteers place it online for free access.

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