Saskatchewan Placenames is now operational online, the many and several places of Saskatchewan and their regions are able to be viewed once more.

PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
AaskanaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1888Red Deer Hill Later Name
AbbeyKindersley Gen Web Region1913
AbbottWeyburn Gen Web Region*
AberdeenSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905
AberfeldyLloydminster Gen Web Region*
AbernethyYorkton Gen Web Region1884
AboundMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1931
AcresBattleford Gen Web Region*
AdaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909
AdairWeyburn Gen Web Region1894
AdamsRegina Gen Web Region1917
AdamsonSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
AdanacBattleford Gen Web Region1908
AdelstenLloydminster Gen Web Region1937(Fred Arthur Adler)
AdineBattleford Gen Web Region*
AdmiralSwift Current Gen Web Region1914Blairville Previous Name
AdvieKindersley Gen Web Region1911
AikinsKindersley Gen Web Region*Lonmay Previous Name*
AiktowRegina Gen Web Region1910Grainland Later Name
Air RongePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
AiredalePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Airport HeightsBattleford Gen Web Region*
AkosaneKamsack Gen Web Region*
AkraKindersley Gen Web Region1914
AlamedaWeyburn Gen Web Region1883
AlbatrossRegina Gen Web Region*
AlbertownLloydminster Gen Web Region1909
AlbertvillePrince Albert Gen Web Region1914
Alder GrovePrince Albert Gen Web RegionS33NE T51 R20 W2.*
AldinaLloydminster Gen Web Region1893
AldredMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907(J.A. Aldred)
AlfordRegina Gen Web Region1909
AlgroveKamsack Gen Web Region1931
AlhambraMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912West Gravelbourg, McCarter Previous Names; Woodrow Later Name
Alice BeachRegina Gen Web Region*
AlidaWeyburn Gen Web Region1913
AlinglyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907
AllanSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909Curzon Previous Name
Allan HillsSaskatoon Gen Web Region1914
AllenbySwift Current Gen Web Region*
AlmaWeyburn Gen Web Region1897
AlphaWeyburn Gen Web Region1905
AlsaskKindersley Gen Web Region1911
AlstonWeyburn Gen Web Region1907
Alta VistaRegina Gen Web Region*
AltawanSwift Current Gen Web Region*
Alticane Lloydminster Gen Web Region1913
AlvenaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1887
AmazonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1912
AmbassadorSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
AmberleyKamsack Gen Web Region*
AmblesKamsack Gen Web Region1910(Butler J. Amble)
AmeliaSwift Current Gen Web Region1911
AmiensLloydminster Gen Web Region1935
AmsterdamKamsack Gen Web Region1917
AmuletMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910Kabeyum Previous name
AncrumSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
AnerleyRegina Gen Web Region1907
AneroidMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913Val Blair Previous Name
AngliaBattleford Gen Web Region1911
Anglin LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region*
AngoveKamsack Gen Web Region1907
AnnaheimSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904
AnnetteKamsack Gen Web Region1915Endeavor Later Name
AnnieheldMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
AntarMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
AntelopeKindersley Gen Web Region1908
AntlerWeyburn Gen Web Region1900Re-used Name at new location 14-7-30-W1
AntlerWeyburn Gen Web Region1884Gainsborough Later Name 4-3-30-W1
Antler RM 61Weyburn Gen Web Region
AquadellRegina Gen Web Region1914
Aquadeo Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
Aquadeo Beach Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
ArabellaKamsack Gen Web Region1909
AratYorkton Gen Web Region1901Zehner Later Name
ArborfieldPrince Albert Gen Web Region1910
ArburyRegina Gen Web Region1907
ArbuthnotMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1932
ArcataBattleford Gen Web Region1909
ArcherwillKamsack Gen Web Region1925
ArchieLloydminster Gen Web Region1927(1927-1928); Le Clair previous Name; Paradise Hill Later Name
ArchiveMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
ArchydaleRegina Gen Web Region1914
ArcolaWeyburn Gen Web Region1901New Arcola p.o. opened at Railway Station 9-8-4-W2; existing Arcola and Clare closed
ArcolaWeyburn Gen Web Region188914-8-4-W2
Arcola Bay ResortWeyburn Gen Web Region*
ArdathSaskatoon Gen Web Region1910
ArdillMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
ArdkennethRegina Gen Web Region1911
ArdmoreRegina Gen Web Region*
ArdsleyKamsack Gen Web Region1912Sluggett Previous Name
ArdwickMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
AreleeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
ArenaSwift Current Gen Web Region1932
ArgoSaskatoon Gen Web Region1917
ArgusPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Arlington BeachRegina Gen Web Region1905
ArmaSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
ArmfleetLloydminster Gen Web Region1909Greenstreet Later Name
ArmillaWeyburn Gen Web Region*
ArmitKamsack Gen Web Region1938Meeks Siding Previous Name
ArmleyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1912
ArmorinMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912(Armand Morin)
ArmourRegina Gen Web Region*
Armstrong's LakeYorkton Gen Web Region1884Rokeby Station Later Name
ArpiersSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
ArranKamsack Gen Web Region1911
ArrocharWeyburn Gen Web Region1886Red Jacket Later Name
ArtemusRegina Gen Web Region*
ArtlandSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
Asgood Kamsack Gen Web Region*
AshdownKamsack Gen Web Region1937Edmore Later Name
AshfordBattleford Gen Web Region1908
AshleyLloydminster Gen Web Region1919(Percy H.R. Ashley)
AsorBattleford Gen Web Region1910
Aspen CoveLloydminster Gen Web Region*
AsquithSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
AssiniboiaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Leeville Previous Name
AstumBattleford Gen Web Region*
AstwoodKamsack Gen Web Region1906Hinchcliffe later Name
AtkinsonBattleford Gen Web Region1913Cosine Later Name; (George James Atkinson, Jennie Atkinson)
AtlasKindersley Gen Web Region1911
AtticaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1936
AtwaterYorkton Gen Web Region1909
AubretiaBattleford Gen Web Region1913Major Later Name
AuburntonWeyburn Gen Web Region1905
AudreyWeyburn Gen Web Region1901
AustinvilleSwift Current Gen Web Region1911(H.R. Austin)
AutoroadPrince Albert Gen Web Region1910Leacross Later Name
AvaBattleford Gen Web Region*
AveburyLloydminster Gen Web Region1910
AveryLloydminster Gen Web Region*
AvonhillKindersley Gen Web Region1915
AvonhurstYorkton Gen Web Region1900
AvonleaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911New Warren Previous Name
AxfordMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
AylesburyRegina Gen Web Region1905
AylshamPrince Albert Gen Web Region1921
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