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"B" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web  is needed for genealogical or historical research.The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  •  Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  •  Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905)  

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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
BadgervilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1905
BagleyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1929RE-used name Bagley*
BagleyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1904(1904-1929) Hanson, Lenvale Later Names *
BaildonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907
BairdRegina Gen Web Region*
BalatoneYorkton Gen Web Region1939
BalcarresYorkton Gen Web Region1884
BaldwinBattleford Gen Web Region*
BaldwintonBattleford Gen Web Region1925
BalgonieYorkton Gen Web Region1883
BaliolBattleford Gen Web Region*
BaljennieSaskatoon Gen Web Region1891
Ballantyne BayPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
BallinoraBattleford Gen Web Region1914
Balone BeachSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
BaltimoreSaskatoon Gen Web Region1900; Later name: Borden 1905 
BangorYorkton Gen Web Region1909
BangsundWeyburn Gen Web Region1912(Olaf Bangsund)
BankendYorkton Gen Web Region1930Ladstock Previous Name
BannockPrince Albert Gen Web Region1920
Bapaume Lloydminster Gen Web Region1929
BarbourYorkton Gen Web Region1922Dunleath Station Prevoius Name; Dunleath later Name
BarfordKamsack Gen Web Region1925Craigie Previous Name
BaringWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
Barnes CrossingLloydminster Gen Web Region1925(Richard T. Barnes)
Barrier FordKamsack Gen Web Region*
Barrier LakeKamsack Gen Web Region1908
Barrier RiverKamsack Gen Web Region*
Barthel Lloydminster Gen Web Region1930
BarvasYorkton Gen Web Region1916Stornoway Previous Name
BatemanMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911(J. Bateman)
BatocheSaskatoon Gen Web Region1884
Battle CreekSwift Current Gen Web Region1903
Battle HeightsPrince Albert Gen Web Region1933
Battle ValleyLloydminster Gen Web Region1910
BattlefordBattleford Gen Web Region1877
Battleford JunctionBattleford Gen Web Region*
BattrumKindersley Gen Web Region1912
BauvalLloydminster Gen Web Region1912Lac La Plonge Previous Name, Beauval Later Name
BavelawYorkton Gen Web Region1904
BaxtervilleKindersley Gen Web Region1913
Bay TrailSaskatoon Gen Web Region1931
BayardMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
Bayard StationMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
Bayview HeightsLloydminster Gen Web Region*
BazentinLloydminster Gen Web Region*
BeachviewLloydminster Gen Web Region1910Meota Later Name
Beacon Hill Lloydminster Gen Web Region1930
BeadleKindersley Gen Web Region1910
Bear Creek Yorkton Gen Web Region1935
Bear StreamKamsack Gen Web Region1914
BeattyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1908
BeaubierWeyburn Gen Web Region1927
BeauchampKamsack Gen Web Region1906
BeaufieldBattleford Gen Web Region1913Ednaburg Previous Name
Beauval Lloydminster Gen Web Region1915Lac La Plonge, Bauval Previous  Names
Beaver BluffKamsack Gen Web Region1914
Beaver CreekYorkton Gen Web Region*
Beaver Dale, BeaverdaleYorkton Gen Web Region1900
Beaver FlatRegina Gen Web Region1923
Beaver HousePrince Albert Gen Web Region1923
Beaver LandingPrince Albert Gen Web Region1916
Beaver Lodge LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Beaver PlainsKamsack Gen Web Region1914
Beaver ValleySwift Current Gen Web Region1922Conflict Previous Name
BechardWeyburn Gen Web Region1914
BeckenhamYorkton Gen Web Region1905
BeckettSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904
BedfordvilleYorkton Gen Web Region1911(Fred Bedford
BeechyRegina Gen Web Region1922Jonesville previous Name
BeestonWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
BekevarWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
BelangerSwift Current Gen Web Region1907
B�langerLloydminster Gen Web Region*78-2-W3
BelbeckRegina Gen Web Region1911
Belbutte, Bellebutte Lloydminster Gen Web Region1913(Bellebutte *)
Bell CampLloydminster Gen Web Region1928(Mrs. Agnes A. Bell)
Belle PlaineRegina Gen Web Region1903
Belle PrairieYorkton Gen Web Region1895
Belleau BrookKamsack Gen Web Region1929
BellegardeWeyburn Gen Web Region1898
BellevueSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904
BellfieldYorkton Gen Web Region *
BellfieldsMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910Neville Later Name 20-11-12-W3
BellwoodMoose Jaw Gen Web Region* *
BelvoirKindersley Gen Web Region1913
BemersydeWeyburn Gen Web Region1927Graytown Previous Name
BenbeculaWeyburn Gen Web Region1886
BenchSwift Current Gen Web Region1925
BenchonzieYorkton Gen Web Region1906
BenderWeyburn Gen Web Region1907Crystal Spring Previous name
BengoughMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
Benito, MbKamsack Gen Web Region*
BenshamSaskatoon Gen Web Region1925Ridge Hill Previous Name
BensonWeyburn Gen Web Region1914Hill Hall Previous Name; RE-used name Benson; 30-5-7-W2
BensonWeyburn Gen Web Region1905Cullen Later Name
BenstephenRegina Gen Web Region1912
BentsSaskatoon Gen Web Region1930Piche Previous Name
BeresinaYorkton Gen Web Region1889
BergfieldMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
BergheimSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
BernardRegina Gen Web Region1908
BertdaleKamsack Gen Web Region1906
BertwellKamsack Gen Web Region1938
BestvilleKindersley Gen Web Region1912
BetalockRegina Gen Web Region1930
BethuneRegina Gen Web Region1905
Beverley Station, Beverly StationSwift Current Gen Web Region1910Beverley Later Name (Beverly Station alt spelling *) Leven Previous Name * 
Beverley, BeverlySwift Current Gen Web Region1957Beverley Station Previous name  (Beverly  spelling *)
BexhillMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
BeynesWeyburn Gen Web Region1914
BickleighKindersley Gen Web Region1912
BienfaitWeyburn Gen Web Region1893
Big BeaverMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1926
Big MuddyMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
Big QuillKamsack Gen Web Region1908
Big River Lloydminster Gen Web Region1910
Big ShellLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Big Stick LakeKindersley Gen Web Region1911
BigfordMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
BiggarBattleford Gen Web Region1909
Bijaduca VillageKamsack Gen Web Region *
Billimum, BillimunMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912(Billimun spelling *)
Birch CreekKamsack Gen Web Region1909
Birch HillsPrince Albert Gen Web Region1895
Birch LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region1912
Birch RapidsPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Bird Point Yorkton Gen Web Region*Bird's Point [var]
BirdviewSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907Donavon Later Name
BirkenseeLloydminster Gen Web Region1935
BirlingPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
BirminghamYorkton Gen Web Region1908
Birmingham JunctionYorkton Gen Web Region*
BirsayRegina Gen Web Region1919Manna previous Name
BirsonPrince Albert Gen Web Region1898Fir Ridge Later Name
BishopricMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1938
BisleyKindersley Gen Web Region1912Greenan Later Name
BisonBattleford Gen Web Region1908
BjorkdaleKamsack Gen Web Region1911Speddington Later Name
BjorkdaleKamsack Gen Web Region1912RE-used name Bjorkdale
Black LakePrince Albert Gen Web Region1964
Black Point Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
BlackwoodRegina Gen Web Region1887Kenlis Previous Name
BladworthRegina Gen Web Region1904
Blaine Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1907(1907-1912); Windsor Lake Later Name
Blaine Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1912Gillies Previous Name; Re-used Name Blaine Lake
BlairvilleSwift Current Gen Web Region1911Admiral Later Name; (S.D.Blair) *
Blakasklououka VillageKamsack Gen Web Region *
Blank's BeachSwift Current Gen Web Region*
Blatz-Nolin Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
BleakmoreRegina Gen Web Region1906Tate Later Name
BlewettWeyburn Gen Web Region*
BloomingMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
BlucherSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
Blue BellLloydminster Gen Web Region1935
Blue Heron Lloydminster Gen Web Region1936
Blue HillMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907
BlumenheimSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
BlumenhofMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Blumenhoff [var]
BlumenortMoose Jaw Gen Web Region**
BlumenthalSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
BoakviewYorkton Gen Web Region1884Perley Later Name; (C.E. Boake, George A. Boake)
Bodmin Lloydminster Gen Web Region1926
Bog EndSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909Leroy Later Name
BoharmMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1890
BoldenhurstRegina Gen Web Region1909
BolneyLloydminster Gen Web Region1929Charlotte Previous Name
BondKamsack Gen Web Region1908
Bone CreekSwift Current Gen Web Region1910
Bonne MadoneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1900
Bonne PlaineSaskatoon Gen Web Region**
BonneauvilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
Bonnie ViewKindersley Gen Web Region1907
BonningtonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904Kenaston Later Name
Bonnington StationSaskatoon Gen Web Region
BonvouloirMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
BoothRegina Gen Web Region
Booth's SidingRegina Gen Web Region1939
BorastonBattleford Gen Web Region1907Plenty Later Name
BordenSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905; previous name: Baltimore 1900 
Border RoadKamsack Gen Web Region1939
BorderlandMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
Bore lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
BoscurvisWeyburn Gen Web Region1885
BotanySaskatoon Gen Web Region1911Bounty Later Name
BotwrightLloydminster Gen Web Region1908
BoucherPrince Albert Gen Web Region1888St. Louis Later Name; (Jean B. Boucher)
BountySaskatoon Gen Web Region1911Botany Previous Name
BourgogneMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
BournemouthLloydminster Gen Web Region1927
BoutinLloydminster Gen Web Region1910(Joe Boutin, Mrs Marie Valerie Boutin)
BouvierPrince Albert Gen Web Region1911Prairie River Later Name
Brabant LakePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
BrackenSwift Current Gen Web Region1924Edmund Previous Name
BradaBattleford Gen Web Region1921
BraddockMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1923
BradwellSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908Sunny Plain Previous Name
BrancepethPrince Albert Gen Web Region1891
BrandenburgKindersley Gen Web Region1912
BrassBattleford Gen Web Region**
Bratt LakeWeyburn Gen Web Region1906(Jessie Bratt)
BrattonRegina Gen Web Region1909
BredenburyYorkton Gen Web Region1890*
BredinRegina Gen Web Region*
BreezeWeyburn Gen Web Region*
BremenSaskatoon Gen Web Region1913
BrendenburyYorkton Gen Web Region(alt. spelling) *
Bresaylor Lloydminster Gen Web Region1884
BrewerYorkton Gen Web Region1911
BriarleaLloydminster Gen Web Region1914
BridgefordRegina Gen Web Region1909
BriercrestMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1903
Bright Sand, BrightsandLloydminster Gen Web Region1912
BrightholmeLloydminster Gen Web Region1909
BrightmoreMoose Jaw Gen Web Region
BrisbinSaskatoon Gen Web Region
BrithdirSaskatoon Gen Web Region1910
Broadacres Battleford Gen Web Region1914Broad Acres [var]
BroadviewWeyburn Gen Web Region1882
BrockKindersley Gen Web Region1910
BrockingPrince Albert Gen Web Region1909Brockington Later name
BrockingtonPrince Albert Gen Web Region1911Brocking Previous Name
BroderickRegina Gen Web Region1909Chromar previous Name
Broken ShellWeyburn Gen Web Region1905Trossachs Later Name
BromburyYorkton Gen Web Region1906
BromheadWeyburn Gen Web Region1912Hamar Previous Name
BronchoMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1924
BrookingWeyburn Gen Web Region1911Stowe Previous Name
BrooksbyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1922Willow Springs Previous Name
BrooksideWeyburn Gen Web Region1893
BroraRegina Gen Web Region1912
BroughWeyburn Gen Web Region1914
BrowningWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
BrownleeRegina Gen Web Region1907
BrunendahlKamsack Gen Web Region1907
BrunoSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
BryantWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
BrycetonRegina Gen Web Region1907(J.A. Bryce)
B-Say-TahYorkton Gen Web Region1914
BuccleughBattleford Gen Web Region
BuchananKamsack Gen Web Region1906
Buck LakeRegina Gen Web Region*
BucklandPrince Albert Gen Web Region
Buckland SidingPrince Albert Gen Web Region1914
Buena VistaRegina Gen Web Region
Buena Vista ParkRegina Gen Web Region1930
BuffaloSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
Buffalo GapMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
Buffalo HeadKindersley Gen Web Region1912Horsham Later Name *
Buffalo HeadWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Buffalo HornMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
Buffalo NarrowsLloydminster Gen Web Region1936
Buffalo PlainsWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
Buffalo RiverLloydminster Gen Web Region*
BuffinMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1906Long Creek Previous Name
BukowinaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1928
BulyeaRegina Gen Web Region1905 Sec.27, Twp.23, R.21, W2
BulyeaWeyburn Gen Web Region1900-1904Sec.36, Twp.16, R.15, W2 
BumbraeSwift Current Gen Web Region1929
BunesvilleKamsack Gen Web Region1904Kamsack Previous Name
BunglassYorkton Gen Web Region1909
BunkerKamsack Gen Web Region1915
BunyanLloydminster Gen Web Region1930
BurdickRegina Gen Web Region
BuresMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1933
BurgisKamsack Gen Web Region1914
Burgis BeachKamsack Gen Web Region
BurgoyneMoose Jaw Gen Web RegionSource
BurnhamMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
BurnmoreKamsack Gen Web Region1908
BurrSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906(J.C. Burr)
BurradonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
BurrowsWeyburn Gen Web Region1929
BurstallKindersley Gen Web Region1921
BurtMoose Jaw Gen Web Region
Burton LakeSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
BushBattleford Gen Web Region**
BushellLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Bushell ParkMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1966RCAF - Moose Jaw Previous Name
ButterbyLloydminster Gen Web Region1915Lily Plain Later Name
ButtertonYorkton Gen Web Region1906
Butte-St.-PierreLloydminster Gen Web Region1947Paradise Hill, Sandall Previous Names
ButtressMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912De Yoe Previous Name
BuzzardLloydminster Gen Web Region1936
ByrneMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908(Philip Byrne)


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