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"D" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

  • Maps
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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
DacerBattleford Gen Web Region*
DafoeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1911
DahindaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
DahlbyKindersley Gen Web Region1914(A. P. Dahlby)
DahltonKamsack Gen Web Region1911
DalesboroWeyburn Gen Web Region1884
DaleviewWeyburn Gen Web Region1910Danesmoore Previous name
DalmenySaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
DalrympleYorkton Gen Web Region1903Cupar later Name
DalzellWeyburn Gen Web Region1913
DamourLloydminster Gen Web Region1923
DanaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
Dana - RCAF StationSaskatoon Gen Web Region1963Sagehill Later Name
DanburyKamsack Gen Web Region1907
DandonneauWeyburn Gen Web Region*
DanesmooreWeyburn Gen Web Region1909Daleview Later Name
DanevilleBattleford Gen Web Region1907Landis Later Name; (J.H. Dane)
DankinKindersley Gen Web Region*
DaphneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1923
D'ArcyKindersley Gen Web Region1911D'Arcy Station is P.O. Name
D'Arcy StationKindersley Gen Web Region1911D'Arcy is Placename
Darlings BeachSwift Current Gen Web Region*
DarmodyRegina Gen Web Region1912
DavidsonRegina Gen Web Region1903
DavinWeyburn Gen Web Region1890
DavisPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907
Davis CreekSwift Current Gen Web Region1909Murraydale Later Name
DavyroydMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
DaylesfordSaskatoon Gen Web Region1911
DaysvilleLloydminster Gen Web Region1907
De YoeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909Buttress Later Name; (M.J. DeYoe)
Dead Moose LakeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904Marysburg Later Name
DeantonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908Readlyn Later Name
Debden Lloydminster Gen Web Region1912
DeborahMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
DebrecanYorkton Gen Web Region1912
DeckervilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
Dee ValleyLloydminster Gen Web Region1916
Deer CreekLloydminster Gen Web Region1929
Deer ForksKindersley Gen Web Region1912Estuary Later Name
Deer LodgeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904
Deer RidgeLloydminster Gen Web Region1929
DeerviewYorkton Gen Web Region1913
DelarondeLloydminster Gen Web Region
DelisleSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905(John H. Delisle)
DellwoodSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
Delmas Lloydminster Gen Web Region1906(Rev. H. Delmas)
DemaineRegina Gen Web Region1910(E.J. Demaine, Mrs. Christina Rose Demaine, Fred Vincent Demaine)
Denare BeachPrince Albert Gen Web Region1947
DendronMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1925Previous Name Bellwood *
DenholmSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
DenisonWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
DenningtonWeyburn Gen Web Region1886
DennySaskatoon Gen Web Region*
DenzilBattleford Gen Web Region1911
DepewSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
DernicKamsack Gen Web Region1929
DerrickBattleford Gen Web Region1911
Des PrairiesMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911(April-July); Ferland, Fournierville Later Names
Deschambault LakePrince Albert Gen Web Region1957
Descharme LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region*
DeveronWeyburn Gen Web Region1910
Devil LakeKamsack Gen Web Region190030-5-W2
Devil's LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Devils Lake ColonyKamsack Gen Web Region *
Dewar LakeBattleford Gen Web Region1910(D.M. Dewar)
DewdropMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909
DianaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
DieboltSwift Current Gen Web Region1912(Mrs. B. Diebolt, Simon A. Diebolt)
DilkeRegina Gen Web Region1911
DillaboughKamsack Gen Web Region1938
Dillon Lloydminster Gen Web Region1954
DimmockSwift Current Gen Web Region1915
DingleyYorkton Gen Web Region*
DingmanRegina Gen Web Region*
DinsmoreRegina Gen Web Region1907
DiovaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908Grandora Later Name
Dipper Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region
Dirt HillsMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
DisleyRegina Gen Web Region1899(1899-1904); Glen Valley Later Name; 12-19-23-W2
DisleyRegina Gen Web Region190430-19-22-W2; RE-used name Disley
Ditton ParkPrince Albert Gen Web Region1911
DivideSwift Current Gen Web Region1914
DixonSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
DneiperYorkton Gen Web Region1938Mennofeldt Previous Name
DniesterKamsack Gen Web Region1907
DobrowdyKamsack Gen Web Region1916
DodslandBattleford Gen Web Region1914
DollardSwift Current Gen Web Region1909
DomremySaskatoon Gen Web Region1896
Donavon, DonovanSaskatoon Gen Web Region1914Birdview Previous Name; Alternate spellings found for this placename
DoncrestKamsack Gen Web Region1930
DonegalKindersley Gen Web Region1935
DongolaYorkton Gen Web Region1888
DonjeanMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
DonlandsPrince Albert Gen Web Region1932
DonwellYorkton Gen Web Region1913
DoonsideWeyburn Gen Web Region1933
DorcasBattleford Gen Web Region*
Dore Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1935Dor� Lake [sic]
Dorintosh Lloydminster Gen Web Region1940
DorothyPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
DorrellSwift Current Gen Web Region1914East End Previous Name
DouaiKindersley Gen Web Region*
Double CrossingKindersley Gen Web Region*
DouglastonWeyburn Gen Web Region1902
DovedaleYorkton Gen Web Region1907Riversdale Previous name
DoverPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Dowd HillBattleford Gen Web Region1908
DowneBattleford Gen Web Region*
DraguaYorkton Gen Web Region*
DrakeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
DreamworldBattleford Gen Web Region1915
DreghornYorkton Gen Web Region*
DrinkwaterMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1902
Driscol LakeSwift Current Gen Web Region1915
DriverBattleford Gen Web Region1913Glenloney Previous Name
DrobotYorkton Gen Web Region1909(Thomas Drobot)
Droxford,DruxfordSwift Current Gen Web Region1912Ryerson Previous Name; Alternate Spelling *
DruidBattleford Gen Web Region1911Mirror Previous Name
DrumagueYorkton Gen Web Region1906
DrumboyLloydminster Gen Web Region1915
DruseSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
DubucYorkton Gen Web Region1904
Duck LakeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1894Stobart Previous Name
DudleyRegina Gen Web Region*
DuffYorkton Gen Web Region1910
DuftonRegina Gen Web Region1911
DukeWeyburn Gen Web Region1914(Robert J. Duke)
DulwichLloydminster Gen Web Region1925
DumasWeyburn Gen Web Region1907
DumbleLloydminster Gen Web Region*
DummerMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
DunblaneRegina Gen Web Region1914
DuncairnSwift Current Gen Web Region1933
DundurnSaskatoon Gen Web Region1894
Dundurn CampSaskatoon Gen Web Region1952
DunelmSwift Current Gen Web Region1913
DunfermlineSaskatoon Gen Web Region1915
DungloeKindersley Gen Web Region1912
DunkirkMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
DunleathYorkton Gen Web Region1936Dunleath Station, Barbour Previous Names; RE-used name Dunleath
DunleathYorkton Gen Web Region1894(1894-1928)
Dunleath StationYorkton Gen Web Region1917Barbour, Dunleath Later Names
DunlopKamsack Gen Web Region1926Layco Later Name
DunningWeyburn Gen Web Region*
DuperowBattleford Gen Web Region1962Lydden Previous Name
DupuisWeyburn Gen Web Region196(Paul Dupuis)
DuroSaskatoon Gen Web Region
DuvalRegina Gen Web Region1908Mountain Side Previous Name
DysartYorkton Gen Web Region1906

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