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"C" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which  Saskatchewan Gen Web  Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
CabanaLlo ydminster Gen Web Region1936
CabanaLloydminster Gen Web Region1936
CabriKindersley Gen Web Region1912
CactusMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
Cactus LakeBattleford Gen Web Region1930
CadillacMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
CaesarvilleKindersley Gen Web Region*
CailmountYorkton Gen Web Region1895(Richard Cail, Helen Elizabeth Cail)
CalderYorkton Gen Web Region1936Calder Station Previous Name
Calder StationYorkton Gen Web Region1911Calder Later Name
CalderbankRegina Gen Web Region1914
CalleyYorkton Gen Web Region*
CalvaRegina Gen Web Region
CalvintonLloydminster Gen Web Region1906Cavalier Later Name
CamberleySaskatoon Gen Web Region1910
CameoLloydminster Gen Web Region1930
CamholtSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
Camp DundurnSaskatoon Gen Web Region
Camp LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region^^*
Camp NorrisWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Camsell Portage Lloydminster Gen Web Region1943H.B.C. post 
CanaYorkton Gen Web Region1909Wakefield Previous Name
Cana JunctionYorkton Gen Web Region
CananeaRegina Gen Web Region1910
CandaharKamsack Gen Web Region1910Kandahar Later Name
CandiacWeyburn Gen Web Region1957Candiac Station Previous Name
Candiac StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1909Candiac Later Name
Candle LakePrince Albert Gen Web Region1936
CandoBattleford Gen Web Region*
Cannington ManorWeyburn Gen Web Region1883
Canoe LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Canoe Narrows Lloydminster Gen Web Region1961
Canoe RiverLloydminster Gen Web Region*
CanopusMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
CanoraKamsack Gen Web Region1904
CantalWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
CantuarKindersley Gen Web Region1913
CantyrePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
CanuckSwift Current Gen Web Region1911
Canwood Lloydminster Gen Web Region1913MacOuan, McOwan, Forgaard Previous Names.
CapasinLloydminster Gen Web Region1933
CapitalMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
CardellSwift Current Gen Web Region1911
CardrossMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1926Grace Previous Name; RE-used name Cardross
CarievaleWeyburn Gen Web Region1891
CarissSwift Current Gen Web Region1916Echo, Loomis Later Names
CarleaPrince Albert Gen Web Region1913
CarlsbergWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CarlsruheYorkton Gen Web Region*
CarltonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1890
CarlyleWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Carlyle LakeWeyburn Gen Web Region1883
Carlyle Lake ResortWeyburn Gen Web Region1914
CarmelSaskatoon Gen Web Region1956Carmel Station Previous Name
Carmel StationSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909Carmel Later Name
CarmichaelSwift Current Gen Web Region196
CarnaghSwift Current Gen Web Region1915Cypress Hills Previous Name
CarnduffWeyburn Gen Web Region1884
CarnoustieWeyburn Gen Web Region1895
CaronRegina Gen Web Region1884
CaronportRegina Gen Web Region1947
CarpenterSaskatoon Gen Web Region1930
CarraganaKamsack Gen Web Region1921
CarrignanMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909
CarrolltonLloydminster Gen Web Region1918Little Buffalo Later Name; (Wm O'Carroll)
Carrot RiverPrince Albert Gen Web Region1921(1921-1934); RE-Used Carrot River Name; 17-49-11-W2
Carrot RiverPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907(1907-1908; 14-47-14-W2); Silver Stream Later Name
Carrot RiverPrince Albert Gen Web Region1936Carrot River Station Previous Name; RE-used Name Carrot River; 5-50-11-W2
Carrot River StationPrince Albert Gen Web Region1931Carrot River Later Name; 
CarrsdaleRegina Gen Web Region1884
Carruthers Lloydminster Gen Web Region1915
CarsonYorkton Gen Web Region1885Sintaluta Later Name
CarvaleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909Maxton Later Name; (A.E. Carr)
CarwelRegina Gen Web Region*
Castle CoombsKindersley Gen Web Region1913
CastlewoodSaskatoon Gen Web Region
CaterLloydminster Gen Web Region1913
CatevilleWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
CatherwoodSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
CathkinBattleford Gen Web Region*
CausewayPrince Albert Gen Web Region1940
Cavalier Lloydminster Gen Web Region1907Calvinton Previous Name
CavellBattleford Gen Web Region1909Coblenz Previous Name
CaxtonWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CazaletKamsack Gen Web Region**
CebaPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
CechezdorfWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CecilPrince Albert Gen Web Region1900Colleston Previous Name
Cedar Villa EstatesSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
CedouxWeyburn Gen Web Region1905NW-4-11-14-W2 Sk Atlas both editions
(36-10-15-W2 and 4-11-24-W2 P.O. at CA A)
CedouxWeyburn Gen Web Region1905
Cee PeeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1919
CelticLloydminster Gen Web Region1914
Central ButteRegina Gen Web Region1907
CeylonWeyburn Gen Web Region1957Ceylon Station Previous Name
Ceylon StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1911Ceylon Later Name
ChagonessKamsack Gen Web Region1911
ChamberlainRegina Gen Web Region1904
ChambersSaskatoon Gen Web Region
ChamberySwift Current Gen Web Region1911
ChandlerWeyburn Gen Web Region
ChaplinRegina Gen Web Region1907
Chappell Saskatoon Gen Web Region
CharlotteLloydminster Gen Web Region1910Bolney Later Name
CharlottenhoffYorkton Gen Web Region1907
CharltonBattleford Gen Web Region*
CharmianKindersley Gen Web Region*
ChebaningBattleford Gen Web RegionSource
ChechedorfWeyburn Gen Web Region*
ChelanKamsack Gen Web Region1925
ChellwoodSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904
ChemongPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
CheringWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
Cherry RidgePrince Albert Gen Web Region
ChesleyPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
CheviotSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
ChickneyYorkton Gen Web Region1887
ChipperfieldKindersley Gen Web Region1924
Chitek Lloydminster Gen Web Region1933
Chitek Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
ChoicelandPrince Albert Gen Web Region1927
Chorlitz Moose Jaw Gen Web Region*19-13-12-W3
Chorlitz Saskatoon Gen Web Region*5-41-4-W3
Chorney BeachKamsack Gen Web Region
Christopher LakePrince Albert Gen Web Region1925
ChromarRegina Gen Web Region1907Broderick later Name
ChryslerYorkton Gen Web Region
ChryslerYorkton Gen Web Region*
ChubbvilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
ChurcaneRegina Gen Web Region1914
ChurchbridgeYorkton Gen Web Region1889
ClaggettSaskatoon Gen Web Region
Clair Kamsack Gen Web Region1906
ClansmanLloydminster Gen Web Region1915St. Walburg Later Name
ClaptonYorkton Gen Web Region1908
ClareWeyburn Gen Web Region1884Arcola Later Name
Clark BridgeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1927(William C. Clark, Mrs. Mary Clark, Mrs. Cecilia Bertha Clark)
Clark Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region
ClarkboroSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907(J.F. Clark)
Clark's CrossingSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905
ClashmoorPrince Albert Gen Web Region1936
Clavet Saskatoon Gen Web Region1908French Previous Name
ClaybankMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914Claysite Previous Name
ClaydonSwift Current Gen Web Region1911
ClayridgeYorkton Gen Web Region1949
ClaysiteMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Claybank Later Name
ClaytonvillePrince Albert Gen Web Region1914
ClearfieldWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
Clearsand BeachPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
ClearsiteMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1936
Cleeves Lloydminster Gen Web Region1923
ClemenceauKamsack Gen Web Region1938
ClemensKamsack Gen Web Region1925 [Clemens Siding var]
CliftonvilleKindersley Gen Web Region1913
ClimaxSwift Current Gen Web Region1913
ClinworthKindersley Gen Web Region1910Sceptre Later Name
CloanBattleford Gen Web Region1912
Clonfert Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
ClonmelYorkton Gen Web Region*
CloustonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1915
ClovaYorkton Gen Web Region1908
CloverleySwift Current Gen Web Region1909
Cluff Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
Cluff Lake Mine Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
CluffieldKamsack Gen Web Region1912
ClumberYorkton Gen Web Region1887
CoalfieldsWeyburn Gen Web Region1961Re-used name NE 3-2-6-W2
CoalfieldsWeyburn Gen Web Region1890Roche Perc�e Later Name 1896; 34-1-6-W2
CoalfieldsWeyburn Gen Web Region1897Taylorton Later Name 1906; 4-2-6-W2
CoblenzBattleford Gen Web Region1916Cavell Later Name
Cochin Lloydminster Gen Web Region1915
Coderre, CodereMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910(Codere spelling Source)
CodettePrince Albert Gen Web Region1917Elk Hill Later Name
CodettePrince Albert Gen Web Region1936Codette Station Previous Name; Re-used Name Codette; SE-6-50-14-W2
Codette StationPrince Albert Gen Web Region1925Codette Later Name
CokatoKamsack Gen Web Region1909
Cole Bay Lloydminster Gen Web Region1965
Colesdale ParkRegina Gen Web Region*
ColevilleBattleford Gen Web Region1908(Malcolm Cole, Charles E. Cole)
ColevilleBattleford Gen Web Region*
ColfaxWeyburn Gen Web Region1912
ColgateWeyburn Gen Web Region1910
CollestonPrince Albert Gen Web Region1891Cecil Later Name
ColleySwift Current Gen Web Region1908Cross Later Name
CollinsRegina Gen Web Region1911
ColmerYorkton Gen Web Region1912
ColonsaySaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
ColryanMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
ColwynMoose Jaw Gen Web RegionSource
ComincoRegina Gen Web Region*
CompassLloydminster Gen Web Region1936
ConanRegina Gen Web RegionSource
CondieRegina Gen Web Region1899
ConflictSwift Current Gen Web Region1916Beaver Valley Later Name
CongressMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1918
ConiferMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
ConklinSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
Connell CornersKindersley Gen Web Region1918
Connell CreekPrince Albert Gen Web Region1931
Connell ParkPrince Albert Gen Web Region
ConquestSaskatoon Gen Web Region1911
ConstanceMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1927Little Woody, Poplar Valley Previous Names
ConsulSwift Current Gen Web Region1914
ConvergeWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CooksonLloydminster Gen Web Region1936
CoothillWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CopeauKamsack Gen Web Region1921
CopelandKamsack Gen Web Region1907
CoppenMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1923 [Coppin var]
CorianderMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
Corinne, CorrineMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
CorleighBattleford Gen Web Region^^*
CornfieldKindersley Gen Web Region1913Eatonia Later Name
CorningWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CoronachMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1927
CorySaskatoon Gen Web Region*
CosineBattleford Gen Web Region1931Atkinson Previous Name *
Cosy NookLloydminster Gen Web Region*
CoteKamsack Gen Web Region1918 RE-used name Cot�; 29-31-WPM
CoteKamsack Gen Web Region1891St. Philips Later Name; Cot� [sic]
CoteauKindersley Gen Web Region1912Couteau Previous Name
Coteau BeachRegina Gen Web Region
CothamYorkton Gen Web Region1891
CottonYorkton Gen Web Region^^*
CottonwoodRegina Gen Web Region1895
CouleeSwift Current Gen Web Region1897
Coulee ViewSwift Current Gen Web Region1915
CouncilWeyburn Gen Web Region1911Fertile Later Name
CourtBattleford Gen Web Region1915Flacks Previous Name
CourvalMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
CouteauKindersley Gen Web Region1912(June - Sept 1912) Coteau Later Name
CovingtonSwift Current Gen Web Region1910
Cowan Lake DamLloydminster Gen Web Region
CowperYorkton Gen Web Region1911
CoxbyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1891
CraigavonLloydminster Gen Web Region*
CraigieKamsack Gen Web Region1914Barford Later Name
CraiglandsKindersley Gen Web Region1911(C.W. Craig)
CraikRegina Gen Web Region1903
CramersburgKindersley Gen Web Region1910(C.E. Cramer)
Crane CreekBattleford Gen Web Region1908
Crane LakeSwift Current Gen Web Region1900
Crane ValleyMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
CravenRegina Gen Web Region1884
CrecyRegina Gen Web Region*
Cree Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
Cree RiverLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Creek BendBattleford Gen Web Region1911Gallivan Later Name
CreekfieldSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
CreelmanWeyburn Gen Web Region*
CreightonPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
CrescentYorkton Gen Web Region*
Crescent HillSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
Crescent LakeYorkton Gen Web Region188423-4-W2
CressmanSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906(I. Cressman)
CrestPrince Albert Gen Web Region1931
CrestwyndMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914Harrison Previous Name 
CrichtonSwift Current Gen Web Region1914
CrocusBattleford Gen Web Region1908Wolfe Later Name
CrocusvaleSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
CroftdaleRegina Gen Web Region1910
Crooked LakeYorkton Gen Web Region1901Menofield Previous Name 29-2-W2 *
Crooked LakesKamsack Gen Web Region*
Crooked RiverPrince Albert Gen Web Region1905
CrossSwift Current Gen Web Region1910Colley Previous Name
CrossroadsRegina Gen Web Region1909
CrossroadsYorkton Gen Web Region1909
CrosswoodsRegina Gen Web Region*
CrosthwaiteYorkton Gen Web Region1907
CrowefordLloydminster Gen Web Region1920(A. Crowe)
CrowstandKamsack Gen Web Region1898
CrowtherviewKamsack Gen Web Region1916Parkview later Name; (A.G. Crowther)
CroydeRegina Gen Web Region1920
CruikshankRegina Gen Web Region1923
Crutwell Lloydminster Gen Web Region1923
Crystal Bay - SunsetLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Crystal BeachSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
Crystal HillWeyburn Gen Web Region1915
Crystal LakeKamsack Gen Web Region1911
Crystal SpringWeyburn Gen Web Region1904Bender Later Name 14-13-5-W2
Crystal SpringsSaskatoon Gen Web Region190944-24-W2
CubittSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
CudsaskwaSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
CudworthSaskatoon Gen Web Region1911
Cudworth JunctionPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Cuffley, CuffeyLloydminster Gen Web Region1917
CullenWeyburn Gen Web Region*Benson previous Name
CullytonRegina Gen Web Region1909
Cumberland HousePrince Albert Gen Web Region1891
CummingsKindersley Gen Web Region*
CunliffeLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Cupar Yorkton Gen Web Region1905Dalrymple Previous Name
CurleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
Curt HillWeyburn Gen Web Region1902
CurzonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904Allan Later Name *
Cut Knife, CutknifeBattleford Gen Web Region*
CutarmYorkton Gen Web Region*
CutbankRegina Gen Web Region1960
CuthbertKindersley Gen Web Region*
CutoffBattleford Gen Web Region*
CuvierKamsack Gen Web Region1919
CymricRegina Gen Web Region1912
CypressSwift Current Gen Web Region1904
Cypress HillsSwift Current Gen Web Region1913Carnagh Later Name
Cypress Hlls ParkSwift Current Gen Web Region1938

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