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"E" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.  The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

  • Maps
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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
Eagle CreekSaskatoon Gen Web Region1903
Eagle PointSwift Current Gen Web Region1915
Eagle Quill LakeSwift Current Gen Web Region*
EakindaleYorkton Gen Web Region1902
EarlMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
Earl GreyRegina Gen Web Region1905
Earl HillBattleford Gen Web Region1909
EarlswoodWeyburn Gen Web Region1887
East AngliaLloydminster Gen Web Region1919
East End, EastendSwift Current Gen Web Region1900Dorrell Later Name
East FairwellMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1937
East PoplarMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1929
East Poplar RiverMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1918
East Prince AlbertPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
EastbourneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
EastbrookSwift Current Gen Web Region1911
EastendSwift Current Gen Web Region1949East End Previous Name
EasterleaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
EastleighMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
EastviewRegina Gen Web Region1902
EatonSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
EatoniaKindersley Gen Web Region1921Cornfield Previous Name
EbenezerYorkton Gen Web Region191125-27-4-W2; Re-used name Ebenezer
EbenezerYorkton Gen Web Region1891Ebenezer Valley Later Name; 7-27-4-W2
Ebenezer ValleyYorkton Gen Web Region1911Ebenezer previous name
EbenfieldSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
EchoSwift Current Gen Web Region1911
EchoSwift Current Gen Web Region1923Cariss Previous Name, Loomis Later name; RE-used name Echo
Echo LakeKamsack Gen Web Region*
EcknerLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Edam Lloydminster Gen Web Region1908
EddlestonKamsack Gen Web Region1909
EddysideMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
EdelaneRegina Gen Web Region1905
Eden ValleyKamsack Gen Web Region1906Stenen Later Name; (1906-1912); 12-34-4-W2
Eden ValleySwift Current Gen Web Region1915RE-used name Eden Valley at different location.  30-5-26-W3
EdenbridgePrince Albert Gen Web Region1908
EdenburgSaskatoon Gen Web RegionAlt Spelling Edenburge*
EdenkillieRegina Gen Web Region1910
EdenlandWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
EdenwoldYorkton Gen Web Region1890
EdfieldKamsack Gen Web Region1926Quill Plain Previous Name
EdgeleyYorkton Gen Web Region1897Edgeley Farm Previous Name
Edgeley FarmYorkton Gen Web Region1884Edgeley Later Name
EdgellSwift Current Gen Web Region1937
EdgeworthMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1926
EdmoKamsack Gen Web Region *
EdmoreKamsack Gen Web Region1948Ashdown Previous Name; RE- used name Edmore  *
EdmoreKamsack Gen Web Region1907(1907-1944)  *
EdmundSwift Current Gen Web Region1917Bracken later Name
EdnaburgBattleford Gen Web Region1908Beaufield Later Name
EdzellSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
EigenheimSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
EildonRegina Gen Web Region1909Squaw Valley Previous name
Elak Dase Lloydminster Gen Web Region
ElardeeKindersley Gen Web Region1913
ElbourneYorkton Gen Web Region1911
ElbowRegina Gen Web Region1909Riverview Previous Name *
ElcottWeyburn Gen Web Region*
EldersleyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1914Previously Asgood  *
Eldorado Lloydminster Gen Web Region1953
Eldred Lloydminster Gen Web Region1913
ElfrosKamsack Gen Web Region1909
ElkdalePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Elk HillPrince Albert Gen Web Region1929Codette Previous Name
EllisboroYorkton Gen Web Region1883(J.H. Ellis)
Elm SpringsMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1898
ElmarthaKindersley Gen Web Region1914
ElmhurstLloydminster Gen Web Region1934
ElmontKindersley Gen Web Region1915
ElmoreWeyburn Gen Web Region1887
ElroseKindersley Gen Web Region1913
Elrose Jct.Regina Gen Web Region *
ElsasWeyburn Gen Web Region1908Ubank Later Name
ElstowSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
ElswickWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
EmbervilleLloydminster Gen Web Region1937
Emma Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1935Tweedsmuir Later Name
Emma Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1936RE-used name Emma Lake; Sunnyside Beach Previous Name
EmmavilleLloydminster Gen Web Region1902
Empress, Ab

EndeavourKamsack Gen Web Region1929Annette Previous Name  *
EnfinKindersley Gen Web Region*
EngenSaskatoon Gen Web Region
Englefield, EnglefeldSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907Alternate spelling *
EnidYorkton Gen Web Region1909
EnsSaskatoon Gen Web Region1936
EnvironSaskatoon Gen Web Region1936Hurdman Lodge Previous Name
EppingLloydminster Gen Web Region*
EquityYorkton Gen Web Region1916
Erin Ferry Lloydminster Gen Web Region1936Wrixon Rail Station Name
ErmineBattleford Gen Web Region1911Mackinnon Previous Name
ErnfoldMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
ErwoodPrince Albert Gen Web Region1905
EskSaskatoon Gen Web Region1910
EskbankRegina Gen Web Region1908Eyebrow Hill Previous Name
EsmeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1932
EsperanceSaskatoon Gen Web Region1912
EsterhazYorkton Gen Web Region1886Kolin Later Name
EsterhazyYorkton Gen Web Region1903
EstevanWeyburn Gen Web Region1892
EstlinWeyburn Gen Web Region1913
EstonKindersley Gen Web Region1912
EstuaryKindersley Gen Web Region1914Deer Forks Previous Name
Estuary BuryKindersley Gen Web Region*
EtheltonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1903
EthmuirBattleford Gen Web Region1909
EtoimamiKamsack Gen Web Region1907(1907-1909); Hudson Bay Junction later Name
EtomamiKamsack Gen Web Region1925
Etters BeachRegina Gen Web Region*
EttingtonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
EuclidRegina Gen Web Region*
EustonRegina Gen Web Region*
EveshamBattleford Gen Web Region1910
ExonWeyburn Gen Web Region*
ExpanseMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Lake Johnstone Previous Name
EyebrowRegina Gen Web Region1908Eyebrow Station Previous Name
Eyebrow HillRegina Gen Web Region1904Eskbank Later Name
Eyebrow StationRegina Gen Web Region1908Eyebrow Later Name
EyreKindersley Gen Web Region1914

Search Saskatchewan Place Names

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