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"F" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
FairdaleKindersley Gen Web Region1911
Fairholme Lloydminster Gen Web Region1923
FairlandKamsack Gen Web Region1906
FairlawnWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
FairlightWeyburn Gen Web Region1955Fairlight Station Previous Name 31-10-31-WPM RE-used name Fairlight
FairlightWeyburn Gen Web Region1893Heather Later Name 28-11-31-WPM
Fairlight StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1906Fairlight Later Name; 31-10-31-WPM (West Prime Meridian)
FairmedeWeyburn Gen Web Region1884
Fairmount Kindersley Gen Web Region
Fairmount StationKindersley Gen Web Region1911
FairmuirWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
FairvilleRegina Gen Web Region1899Keystown Later Name
Fairy GlenPrince Albert Gen Web Region1909
Fairy HillYorkton Gen Web Region1901
FalconYorkton Gen Web Region*
FallowmeadWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
FanfordPrince Albert Gen Web Region1915
Farley, FanleySaskatoon Gen Web Region**
FarmingdaleKamsack Gen Web Region1909
FarrerdaleRegina Gen Web Region1942
Farwell CreekSwift Current Gen Web Region*
FaunaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
FellsBattleford Gen Web Region1947
FentonPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907
FenwoodYorkton Gen Web Region1908
FerbaneMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Quantock Later Name
Ferguson BaySwift Current Gen Web Region
FerlandMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1928Fournierville Previous Name NE-1-6-8-W3; RE-used name Ferland.
FerlandMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911(1911-1928); Des Prairies, Fournierville Later Names
FerndaleYorkton Gen Web Region1887
FernviewPrince Albert Gen Web Region1934
FertileWeyburn Gen Web Region1915Council Previous Name *
Fertile ValleySaskatoon Gen Web Region19062-30-10-W3
FestubertKamsack Gen Web Region1916
FeudalSaskatoon Gen Web Region1930
FieldingSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905
Fife LakeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
File HillsYorkton Gen Web Region1900
FiliatraultSwift Current Gen Web Region1912St. Aldwyn Previous Name, Frenchville Later Name; (Pierre Filiatrault, Z. Filiatrault)
FillmoreWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
FindlaterRegina Gen Web Region1908
FinnieYorkton Gen Web Region1935
Fir MountainMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915Mora Previous Name
Fir RidgePrince Albert Gen Web Region1910Birson Previous Name
First SidingYorkton Gen Web RegionLater named Vanstone *
Fish CreekSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
FisherPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Fishing LakeKamsack Gen Web Region1894
FiskeKindersley Gen Web Region1910
FitzmauriceKamsack Gen Web Region1933SE 18-27-8-W2; RE-used name Fitzmaurice at a new location.
FitzmauriceWeyburn Gen Web Region18954-14-4-W2 (1895-1919)
FlacksBattleford Gen Web Region1913Court Later Name
Flat ValleyLloydminster Gen Web Region1929
Flats, TheMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
FlaxcombeKindersley Gen Web Region1913Harwell Previous Name
FlemingWeyburn Gen Web Region1884
Flett's SpringsKamsack Gen Web Region1895(John Flett Jr)
FletwodeWeyburn Gen Web Region1895
FlintaffMoose Jaw Gen Web Region19279-6-3-W3
FlintoftMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*9-6-3-W3
FloralSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905*
Flowing WellRegina Gen Web Region1916
Foam LakeKamsack Gen Web Region1900
FoedaWeyburn Gen Web Region*
FolgoetKamsack Gen Web Region1925Tilly Previous Name
Fond-du-LacLloydminster Gen Web Region1934Unorganized Territories
FonehillYorkton Gen Web Region1921
FooteRegina Gen Web Region1905Penzance Later Name;(Nathan Foote, Ralph L. Foote, Mrs. Nathan Foote)
ForbesKindersley Gen Web Region(Alt spelling Forres)* 
FordPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907(David Ford)
Forest BankLloydminster Gen Web Region1906
Forest FarmYorkton Gen Web Region1884
Forest GateLloydminster Gen Web Region1925
Forest HallBattleford Gen Web Region1908
ForesterPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907Runciman Later Name
ForgaardLloydminster Gen Web Region1912MacOuan, McOwan Previous Names; Canwood Later Name
ForganRegina Gen Web Region1913
ForgayRegina Gen Web Region1915Grayburn Later Name
ForgetWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
FormbyLloydminster Gen Web Region*
FormbyBattleford Gen Web Region1910
ForresKindersley Gen Web Region1905Hatton Later Name
ForslundSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
Fort a la CornePrince Albert Gen Web Region1891Fort � la Corne
Fort BlackLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Fort ComfortMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1929Minton Later name
Fort PellyKamsack Gen Web Region1889
Fort PittLloydminster Gen Web Region1884
Fort Qu'AppelleYorkton Gen Web Region1880Qu'Appelle Later Name; unsurveyed
Fort Qu'AppelleYorkton Gen Web Region1911Qu'Appelle Previous Name; RE-used name Fort Qu'Appelle
Fort SanYorkton Gen Web Region1926Fort Qu'Appelle Sanitarium
Fort WalshSwift Current Gen Web Region
FortuneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
ForwardYorkton Gen Web Region1910
FossemourSwift Current Gen Web Region1912(Mrs. Seymour Fosse)
FosstonKamsack Gen Web Region1911
FostertonKindersley Gen Web Region1930
FountainKamsack Gen Web Region1907Tuffnell Later Name
Four CornersLloydminster Gen Web Region1936
FourniervilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1928Des Prairies, Ferland Previous Names; Re-used name Fournierville; (Louis Fournier)
FourniervilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914(1914-1928); Ferland Later Name; (Joseph G. Fournier, Joseph Aristide Fournier, Roger Fournier)
Fox HillsYorkton Gen Web Region1913
Fox PointRegina Gen Web Region*
Fox ValleyKindersley Gen Web Region1911
FoxburyYorkton Gen Web Region1908
FoxdaleLloydminster Gen Web Region1915
FoxfordPrince Albert Gen Web Region1925
FoxleighYorkton Gen Web Region1904
FrancisWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
FrankslakeYorkton Gen Web Region1915
FreedomPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
FreemantleWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Freemont, FreemountLloydminster Gen Web Region1912Freemount alt spelling *
FremingtonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
FrenchSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904Clavet Later Name
Frenchman ButteLloydminster Gen Web Region1921Monnery Previous Name; Frenchmans Butte Later Name
Frenchmans ButteLloydminster Gen Web Region1948Monnery, Frenchman Butte Previous Names
FrenchvilleSwift Current Gen Web Region1917St. Aldwyen, Filiatrault Previous Names
FriesenRegina Gen Web Region1904
FrobisherWeyburn Gen Web Region1902Frobyshire Previous Name
FrobyshireWeyburn Gen Web Region1902Frobisher Later Name
FrohlichRegina Gen Web Region1907Holdfast Later Name; (G. Frohlich)
FrontierSwift Current Gen Web Region1917
FroudeWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
Fry'sWeyburn Gen Web Region1901(James H. Fry)
FuldaSaskatoon Gen Web Region190539-23-W2
FuldaSaskatoon Gen Web Region**28-22-W2
FundaleKindersley Gen Web Region1911
Furness Lloydminster Gen Web Region1913
FushimiRegina Gen Web Region*
FusilierBattleford Gen Web Region1915Scandia Previous Name

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