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"G" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

  • Maps
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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
GainesRegina Gen Web Region*
GainsboroughWeyburn Gen Web Region1895Antler Previous Name 4-3-30-W1 *
GalileeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
GallivanBattleford Gen Web Region1914Creek Bend Previous Name
GallocksMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
GallonKindersley Gen Web Region1913
Gap ViewWeyburn Gen Web Region1904Gapview [var]
Garden HeadSwift Current Gen Web Region1915
GardeniaKamsack Gen Web Region1909
GarnockYorkton Gen Web Region1906
GaronneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1897St. Isidore de Bellevue Later Name; RE-used name St. Isidore de Bellevue
GaronneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1927St. Isidore de Bellevue Previous Name, Middleton Hill Later Name
GarrickPrince Albert Gen Web Region1930
Garson Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
GarthlandLloydminster Gen Web Region1939
GarwoodWeyburn Gen Web Region*
GascoigneKindersley Gen Web Region*
GeorginaSwift Current Gen Web Region1910
GeraldYorkton Gen Web Region1909
Gergovia, GeorgoviaSwift Current Gen Web Region1917Alternate spelling *
GerowvilleKindersley Gen Web Region1910(I.M. Gerow)
GerrondSaskatoon Gen Web Region
GettysburgBattleford Gen Web Region1908(Herman V. Getty)
GibbsRegina Gen Web Region1911
GillespieYorkton Gen Web Region1916
GilliesLloydminster Gen Web Region1903Blaine Lake Later Name; (Hugh Gillies)
GilroyRegina Gen Web Region1914
GirvinRegina Gen Web Region1905
GladmarWeyburn Gen Web Region*
GladwinYorkton Gen Web Region1907
GlamisKindersley Gen Web Region1924*
Glaslyn Lloydminster Gen Web Region1911
GlasnevinMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
GledhowSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
Glen AdelaideWeyburn Gen Web Region1884
Glen BainMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Glenbain Later Name (R.B. McBain)
Glen ElderKamsack Gen Web Region1916
Glen EwenWeyburn Gen Web Region1890(Thomas Ewen)
Glen KellyKamsack Gen Web Region1910Longfield Later Name
Glen KerrRegina Gen Web Region1915
Glen LynnWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Glen MaryPrince Albert Gen Web Region1891
Glen McPhersonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
Glen PayneKindersley Gen Web Region*
Glen ValleyRegina Gen Web Region1904Disley Previous Name
Glen WherryWeyburn Gen Web Region1909
GlenadaWeyburn Gen Web Region1909
GlenarionWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
GlenavonWeyburn Gen Web Region**
GlenbainMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1949Glen Bain Previous Name
GlenbogieLloydminster Gen Web Region1912
GlenbreaRegina Gen Web Region1908
GlenbryanMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910Pambrun Later Name
Glenbush, Glen BushLloydminster Gen Web Region1909
GlendowerPrince Albert Gen Web Region1936
GlenellenBattleford Gen Web Region1912
Glengarry PlainsBattleford Gen Web Region*
GlenhodsonSaskatoon Gen Web Region**
GlenhurstSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
GlenloganBattleford Gen Web Region1907Wilkie Later Name
GlenloneyBattleford Gen Web Region1911Drvier Later Name; (George S. Loney)
GlenroseLloydminster Gen Web Region1907
GlensideRegina Gen Web Region1909
GlentworthMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
GlenuigRegina Gen Web Region1908
GlenwellWeyburn Gen Web Region1905Kaiser, Peebles Later Names
GlenwoodKamsack Gen Web Region
GliddenKindersley Gen Web Region1918Holbeck / Hobbeck [sic] Previous Name
GlinockieKindersley Gen Web Region1916
Golburg, GoldburgBattleford Gen Web Region1910Alternate spelling *
GolburnKamsack Gen Web Region1930Previously Amberly *
Golburn ValleyKamsack Gen Web Region1906
Golden AcreSaskatoon Gen Web Region1916Golden Gene Previous Name
Golden GeneSaskatoon Gen Web Region1914Golden Acre Later Name
Golden PlainWeyburn Gen Web Region1900(1900-1915) St. Hubert Mission Later Name *
Golden PlainWeyburn Gen Web Region1915Re-used Name: Golden Plain *
Golden PrairieKindersley Gen Web Region1911
Golden RidgeLloydminster Gen Web Region1937
Golden Vale, GoldenvaleKamsack Gen Web Region1913Alternate spelling *
Golden WestKamsack Gen Web Region1913
GoldenruleKindersley Gen Web Region1911
GoldfieldsLloydminster Gen Web Region1935Uranium, Uranium City Later Names
GollierMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
GoodeveYorkton Gen Web Region1909
GoodhueKamsack Gen Web Region1910
GoodingMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
Goodsoil Lloydminster Gen Web Region1929
GoodwaterWeyburn Gen Web Region1911 Previously named Juell, (Jewell) *
Goose LakeWeyburn Gen Web Region1905
GordonWeyburn Gen Web Region1896
GorefieldKindersley Gen Web Region1910
GorkendonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
GorlitzYorkton Gen Web Region1904Tetlock Previous Name
GoschenWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
GoudieKamsack Gen Web Region *
GouldtownRegina Gen Web Region1910
GouverneurMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
GovanRegina Gen Web Region1906
GovenlockSwift Current Gen Web Region1912(William Govenlock)
Gowland LakeYorkton Gen Web Region1905(James M. Gowland)
GowrieBattleford Gen Web Region1908(Thomas Gowrie)
GraceMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910Cardross Later Name
Graham HillWeyburn Gen Web Region1910
GrainerYorkton Gen Web Region*
GrainlandRegina Gen Web Region1927Aiktow Previous Name *
Grand CouleeRegina Gen Web Region1903
Grand Rapids, Mb
GrandinSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
Grandmother's BayPrince Albert Gen Web Region
GrandoraSaskatoon Gen Web Region1910Diova Previous Name
Grand ViewWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Grandview BeachRegina Gen Web Region*
GrassdaleWeyburn Gen Web Region1929
GrasswoodSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
GravelbourgMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907(Emile Gravel) *
Gravelbourg JctMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
GravesboroughMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910Milly Later Name; (W.G. Graves)
GravesendYorkton Gen Web Region1911
GrayMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1905
GrayburnRegina Gen Web Region1915Forgay Previous Name
GraydahlKindersley Gen Web Region1915
GraysonYorkton Gen Web Region1904
GraytownWeyburn Gen Web Region1904Bemersyede later Name; (Robert Gray)
Great BendSaskatoon Gen Web Region1903Radisson later Name
Great DeerSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
Green AcresPrince Albert Gen Web Region
Green CanyonLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Green Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1901
Green MeadowKamsack Gen Web Region1912
GreenanKindersley Gen Web Region1915Bisley Previous Name
GreenbierRegina Gen Web Region1910
GreenbushKamsack Gen Web Region1921
GreendykeRegina Gen Web Region*  *
GreeneBattleford Gen Web Region1914
Greenfeld VillageSaskatoon Gen Web Region1953
GreensidesKamsack Gen Web Region1912(A. Greensides)
Greenstreet Lloydminster Gen Web Region1912Amfleet Previous Name *
Greenwater LakeKamsack Gen Web Region1961
GregherdYorkton Gen Web Region1917
GrenfellYorkton Gen Web Region1883
Grenfell BeachYorkton Gen Web Region*
GreystonesSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
GriffinWeyburn Gen Web Region1907Roxboro Previous name
GrismervilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
GronlidPrince Albert Gen Web Region1928
GrosswenderBattleford Gen Web Region1909
Grove ParkYorkton Gen Web Region1899
GruenfeldtSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
GruenfieldSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
GruenthalSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
GuernseySaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
GuestwickLloydminster Gen Web Region1909
Guises BeachLloydminster Gen Web Region*
Gull LakeSwift Current Gen Web Region1889
GullyLloydminster Gen Web Region1905
GundersonKindersley Gen Web Region1914(Ole Gunderson)
GunnarLloydminster Gen Web Region1961
GunnworthKindersley Gen Web Region1949Gunworth Previous Name
GunworthKindersley Gen Web Region1925Gunnworth Later Name
GwendolinePrince Albert Gen Web Region1914
GyeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*

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