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"H" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

  • Maps
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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
HaddingtonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907Sovereign Later Name
Hafford Lloydminster Gen Web Region1913Redberry, Luxemburg Previous Names
HagenPrince Albert Gen Web Region1931
HaglofKamsack Gen Web Region1907(Eric J. Haglof)
HagueSaskatoon Gen Web Region1896
HailshamLloydminster Gen Web Region*
HakMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
HalbriteWeyburn Gen Web Region1903
HalcroSaskatoon Gen Web Region1887
HalcyoniaSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
HalkettWeyburn Gen Web Region**
HallamBattleford Gen Web Region**
HallgarthLloydminster Gen Web Region1913
HallidaySwift Current Gen Web Region1915(E.G. Halliday)
HallonquistMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
HalvorgateRegina Gen Web Region1913
HalyaryKamsack Gen Web Region1933
HamarWeyburn Gen Web Region1905Bromhead Later Name
Hamlin Lloydminster Gen Web Region
HamonaYorkton Gen Web Region*
HamtonYorkton Gen Web Region1957Hamton Station Previous Name
Hamton StationYorkton Gen Web Region1913Hamton later Name
HandelBattleford Gen Web Region1913
HandsworthWeyburn Gen Web Region1907
HanleySaskatoon Gen Web Region1903
HansonPrince Albert Gen Web Region1929Lenvale Later Name; Bagley Previous Name; (Henry Oscar Hanson); 1929-1931; RE-used name Hanson at a different location 46-18-W2
HansonWeyburn Gen Web Region190534-3-12-W2; (1905-1920) *
Happy ValleyLloydminster Gen Web Region1946
HappylandKindersley Gen Web Region1908Prussia, Leader Later Names * Sec.18, Twp.22, R.26, W3
HardeneKindersley Gen Web Region**
HardyMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
HarehillsMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
HarknessRegina Gen Web Region1907Imperial Later Name
HarlanLloydminster Gen Web Region1910
HarlukaKamsack Gen Web Region *
HarnettKindersley Gen Web Region1913
HaroldKamsack Gen Web Region
HarptreeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
HarrisSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
HarrislandSwift Current Gen Web Region1914
HarrisonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907 *
HartMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910
HartsburgBattleford Gen Web Region1908(Mrs. Lucinda Hart)
Harvest ValleyKamsack Gen Web Region *
HarwellKindersley Gen Web Region1911Flaxcombe Later Name
HassanKamsack Gen Web Region1932
HatfieldRegina Gen Web Region1914
HatherleighLloydminster Gen Web Region1911
HattonKindersley Gen Web Region1920Forres Previous Name
HaultainSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906
HaverhillKindersley Gen Web Region1914Linacre Later Name
HawardenRegina Gen Web Region1909
HawkerSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
HawkeyeLloydminster Gen Web Region1917
HawkhurstKindersley Gen Web Region1911
HawoodsSaskatoon Gen Web Region1914
HawthorneWeyburn Gen Web Region*
Hay MeadowMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
HaywardYorkton Gen Web Region1884(Henry H. Hayward, Alfred Hayward)
Hazel BankWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
Hazel CliffeYorkton Gen Web Region1892
Hazel DellKamsack Gen Web Region1907
HazelwoodWeyburn Gen Web Region1900
HazenmoreMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
HazletKindersley Gen Web Region1911
HeadlandsYorkton Gen Web Region1904
HearneMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
Hearts HillBattleford Gen Web Region1932
HeatherWeyburn Gen Web Region1908Fairlight Previous Name
HednesfordYorkton Gen Web Region1887
Helena LakeLloydminster Gen Web Region1937
HellandMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Pretty Valley Later Name
HelmvilleRegina Gen Web Region1912
HendersonPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Henderson's BeachRegina Gen Web Region*
HendonKamsack Gen Web Region1925
HendricKindersley Gen Web Region1927
HenribourgPrince Albert Gen Web Region1911
HenrielWeyburn Gen Web Region1912
HenriettaSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
HentySaskatoon Gen Web Region**
HepburnSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909(R.R. Hepburn)
HerbertRegina Gen Web Region1904
HeronWeyburn Gen Web Region1896
HerschelBattleford Gen Web Region1911
HerzelYorkton Gen Web Region1935
HessledaleSaskatoon Gen Web Region1913
HewardWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
Hewitt LandingLloydminster Gen Web Region1905
HicksvaleWeyburn Gen Web Region1899
High HillKamsack Gen Web Region1912
High PointKindersley Gen Web Region1914
High TorKamsack Gen Web Region1921
High ViewWeyburn Gen Web Region1895
HighclereKamsack Gen Web Region1906
Highgate Lloydminster Gen Web Region1919Highgate Siding is P.O. name
Highgate SidingLloydminster Gen Web Region1919Highgate is Placename
HighmoreMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1900Moreland Later Name
HighpoundRegina Gen Web Region1907
HighworthLloydminster Gen Web Region1909
Hilcrest [sic]Weyburn Gen Web Region1905
Hilda, Ab
HildebrandWeyburn Gen Web Region1902
Hill FarmYorkton Gen Web Region1887
Hill HallWeyburn Gen Web Region1905Benson Later Name
HillandaleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914
HillburnYorkton Gen Web Region1884(W.T.Hill)
HilldropLloydminster Gen Web Region1906
HillesdenWeyburn Gen Web Region1892
Hillmond Lloydminster Gen Web Region1927
HillsideLloydminster Gen Web Region1914
HillsleySaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
HillthorpeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1914Jonesville Previous Name
HinchcliffeKamsack Gen Web Region1929Astwood Previous name *
HinchleyKamsack Gen Web Region*
HirschWeyburn Gen Web Region1893
HirzelYorkton Gen Web Region1905
HitchcockWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
HoathMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915(R.A.Hoath)
HobbeckKindersley Gen Web Region1909Glidden Later Name; See also Holbeck [sic]
HochstadtSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
HodgevilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
HoeyPrince Albert Gen Web Region1915
HofferWeyburn Gen Web Region1927
HolarKamsack Gen Web Region1907
HolbeckKindersley Gen Web Region1909Glidden Later Name; See also Hobbeck [sic]
Holbein Lloydminster Gen Web Region1912
HolderRegina Gen Web Region*
HoldfastRegina Gen Web Region1912Frohlich Previous Name
HollowayWeyburn Gen Web Region*
HolmesPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
HomeWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
HomefieldYorkton Gen Web Region1938
HoneymoonPrince Albert Gen Web Region1916
HoodBattleford Gen Web Region*
HoodooSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904Marne Later Name
HooiserBattleford Gen Web Region1914Hoosier Valley Previous Name
Hooiser ValleyBattleford Gen Web Region1913Hoosier Later Name
HooperWeyburn Gen Web Region*
HopehillYorkton Gen Web Region1915
HorfieldRegina Gen Web Region1914
HorizonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
Horse ButteKindersley Gen Web Region1915
Horse CreekMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1917
Horse HeadLloydminster Gen Web Region1935
Horse lakeYorkton Gen Web Region1905
HorshamKindersley Gen Web Region1927Buffalo Head Previous Name *
Howard CreekPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
HowellSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906Prud'homme Later Name
HowiedaleBattleford Gen Web Region1909Superb Later Name
HubbardYorkton Gen Web Region1909
Hubert MissionWeyburn Gen Web RegionSee St. Hubert Mission *
HudmoreWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
Hudson BayKamsack Gen Web Region1947Etoimami, Hudson Bay Junction  previous Names
Hudson Bay JunctionKamsack Gen Web Region1909Etoimami Previous Name
HughtonRegina Gen Web Region1913Stoford Previous Name
HugonardYorkton Gen Web Region**
HumboldtSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905
HumeWeyburn Gen Web Region1908
HuntoonWeyburn Gen Web Region1913
Hurdman LodgeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905Environ Later Name; (Charles G. Hurdman, Mrs. Maggie Ellen Hurdman)
HuronLloydminster Gen Web Region1907Lilydale Later Name
HuronvilleWeyburn Gen Web Region1905
HurtonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
HustlersRegina Gen Web Region1905
HyasKamsack Gen Web Region1912
HydeYorkton Gen Web Region1893(G.A.E. Hyde)

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