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"K" Saskatchewan Place Names

These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
The closer you get to your intended search area, the more likely you are to find what you need.

  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
KabeyumMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909Amulet Later Name *
KaiserWeyburn Gen Web Region1907Glenwell Previous Name; Peebles Later Name
KaliumRegina Gen Web Region*
KalynaPrince Albert Gen Web Region1936
KamsackKamsack Gen Web Region1905RE-used name Kamsack; 21-29-8-W2
KamsackKamsack Gen Web Region1888(1888-1904) Bunesville Later Name; 14-29-32-W1
Kamsack BeachKamsack Gen Web Region*
KandaharKamsack Gen Web Region1913Candahar Previous Name
Kannata ValleyRegina Gen Web Region*
Kantenville, KantonvilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region*
KaposvarYorkton Gen Web Region1891
KarluckSwift Current Gen Web Region1913
Katepwa BeachYorkton Gen Web Region1929
KatepweYorkton Gen Web Region1884
KatherineSwift Current Gen Web Region**
KathrinthalYorkton Gen Web Region1903
KayvilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
Kealey SpringsSwift Current Gen Web Region1910(P. Kealey)
KearneyRegina Gen Web Region*
Keatley Lloydminster Gen Web Region1907(1907-1928)
Keatley Lloydminster Gen Web Region1934Peacedale previous Name; RE-used name Keatley
KeddlestonRegina Gen Web Region1912Wilkie Bay Previous Name; Keddleston [sic]
KedlestonRegina Gen Web Region1912Wilkie Bay Previous Name; Kedleston [sic]
KeelerRegina Gen Web Region1907Keelerville Previous Name
KeelervilleRegina Gen Web Region1904Keeler Later Name
KegworthWeyburn Gen Web Region1925Lovat Station Previous name
KeithvilleKindersley Gen Web Region1908
KelfieldBattleford Gen Web Region1909
KelliherYorkton Gen Web Region1908
KellyvaleSaskatoon Gen Web Region1921(Patrick Kelly)
KelsoWeyburn Gen Web Region1957Kelso Station Previous Name
Kelso StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1910Kelso Later Name
KelsternMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1910(1910-1913) 35-8-18-W3
KelsternSwift Current Gen Web Region1924RE-used Name Kelstern; NE 6-14-6-W3 
KelvingtonKamsack Gen Web Region1906
KelvinhurstSwift Current Gen Web Region1910Vidora Later Name
KemahRegina Gen Web Region1908
KenaschukYorkton Gen Web Region1928(George Kenaschuk, Steve Kenaschuk)
KenastonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906Bonnington Previous Name
KendalWeyburn Gen Web Region1957Kendal Station Previous Name
Kendal StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1910Kendal Later Name
KenlisRegina Gen Web Region1884Blackwood Later Name; 2-19-11-W3; (1884-1887)
KenlisYorkton Gen Web Region189019-11-W2; RE-used name Kenlis at a different location.
KennedyWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
KennellYorkton Gen Web Region1893
Kenosee LakeWeyburn Gen Web Region1974
Kenosee ParkWeyburn Gen Web Region1933
KensmithBattleford Gen Web Region1908
KeppelSaskatoon Gen Web Region190924-35-13-W3
KermariaKamsack Gen Web Region1909
KerrobertBattleford Gen Web Region1924Kerr-Robert Previous Name
Kerr-RobertBattleford Gen Web Region1910Kerrobert Later Name
KessockYorkton Gen Web Region1917
KetchenKamsack Gen Web Region1923Woodstock Previous Name
KettlehutRegina Gen Web Region1936
Key Lake MinePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Key West, KeywestMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908Keywest alt spelling *
KeystownRegina Gen Web Region1913Fairville Previous Name
KhediveWeyburn Gen Web Region1910
KievilleKindersley Gen Web Region1923
Killaly,KillaleyYorkton Gen Web Region1905Killaley alt spelling *
KilldeerMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1919
KilronanLloydminster Gen Web Region1912
Kilwinning Lloydminster Gen Web Region190510-47-5-W3
Kilwinning Lloydminster Gen Web Region1957Kilwinning Siding Previous Name; RE-used Kilwinning Name; 33-47-5-W3
Kilwinning SidingLloydminster Gen Web Region1913Kilwinning Later Name
KinbraeYorkton Gen Web Region1884
KincaidMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
KincorthSwift Current Gen Web Region1905Kingarth Alt. spelling *
KindersleyKindersley Gen Web Region1909
KingsfordWeyburn Gen Web Region1917
KingslandBattleford Gen Web Region1910
KingsviewKindersley Gen Web Region1906Tako Later Name; (T.H. King)
KinhopSaskatoon Gen Web Region*
KinistinoPrince Albert Gen Web Region1883
KinleySaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
KinlochPrince Albert Gen Web Region1930
KinoosaoPrince Albert Gen Web Region1954
KipabiskauKamsack Gen Web Region*
KiplingWeyburn Gen Web Region1955Kipling Station Previous Name
Kipling StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1909Kipling Later Name
KirelowkaKamsack Gen Web Region *
KirkpatrickPrince Albert Gen Web Region1884
KirkwallPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
KisbeyWeyburn Gen Web Region1905
KissinaWeyburn Gen Web Region1896
KitchenKamsack Gen Web Region1923Woodrock Previous Name
KitchimanitouYorkton Gen Web Region1935Spirit Lake Later Name
KlamathBattleford Gen Web Region1920
KleczkowskiWeyburn Gen Web Region1896*
KleczkowskiLloydminster Gen Web Region1911Oscar Lake Later Name *
KlintonelSwift Current Gen Web Region1913
KnollysSwift Current Gen Web Region*
KnoxvilleSaskatoon Gen Web Region1910(Jmaes A. Knox)
KolinYorkton Gen Web Region1891Esterhaz Previous Name
KowalowkaKamsack Gen Web RegionTiny later name
KramerMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911(John Kramer)
KrasneKamsack Gen Web Region1913
KraussMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907Parry Later Name
Kristnes, KristensKamsack Gen Web Region1905Kristens alt spelling *
KronauWeyburn Gen Web Region1900Re-used Name Kronau; 27-15-17-W2
KronauWeyburn Gen Web Region1895St. Mary's Later Name
KruppKindersley Gen Web Region1912
Krydor Lloydminster Gen Web Region1911
KuestKindersley Gen Web Region1912(C. Kuest
KurokiKamsack Gen Web Region1905
KutawaYorkton Gen Web Region1887
KvitkaYorkton Gen Web Region1930
KyleKindersley Gen Web Region192422-15-W3 RE-used name Kyle
KylePrince Albert Gen Web Region190519-47-22-W2 (1905-1918)
KylemoreKamsack Gen Web Region1909
KylevilleKindersley Gen Web Region1909(J. Kyle, Forrest Kyle)

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