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These Saskatchewan Placenames are listed alphabetically to determine which Saskatchewan Gen Web Region is needed for genealogical or historical research.
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  • Placenames of the province of Saskatchewan. (Post 1905)

  • Placenames of the North West Territories. (1882-1905) 

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PlacenameGen Web RegionComments
La Loche Lloydminster Gen Web Region1926Hudson Bay Co 
La Loche West Lloydminster Gen Web Region*
La PlaineSaskatoon Gen Web Region**
La RongePrince Albert Gen Web Region1949Lac La Ronge Previous Name
Lac ChapleauWeyburn Gen Web Region1896
Lac La PlongeLloydminster Gen Web Region1910Bauval, Beauval Later Names
Lac La RongePrince Albert Gen Web Region1911La Ronge Later Name
Lac MargueriteWeyburn Gen Web Region1895
Lac PelletierSwift Current Gen Web Region1908
Lac VertKamsack Gen Web Region1909
LacadenaKindersley Gen Web Region1922Plumbridge Previous Name
LacordaireMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912
Ladder ValleyLloydminster Gen Web Region1935
LadstockYorkton Gen Web Region1905Bankend Later Name
Lady LakeKamsack Gen Web Region1929
LaflecheMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909
LairdSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909Tiefengrund Previous Name
LajordWeyburn Gen Web Region1910(Lajordson Previous Name)
Lake AlmaWeyburn Gen Web Region1927
Lake CentreRegina Gen Web Region1905
Lake CoteauRegina Gen Web Region1908
Lake FourLloydminster Gen Web Region1939
Lake IgnaceSaskatoon Gen Web Region1911
Lake JohnstonMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908Expanse Later Name
Lake LenoreSaskatoon Gen Web Region1939Lenora Lake Previous name
Lake MadgeKamsack Gen Web Region1933
Lake ParkSaskatoon Gen Web Region1902Twp. 40 - R.6 - W3<*/b>
Lake ParkPrince Albert Gen Web RegionTwp. 47 - R.23 - W2*
Lake ValleyRegina Gen Web Region1904
Lake View BeachYorkton Gen Web Region*
LakenheathMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
LakeparkWeyburn Gen Web Region1912Sec.10, Twp.2, R.17, W2 *
LamontBattleford Gen Web Region1906Wilbert Later Name
LampardKamsack Gen Web Region1946
LampmanWeyburn Gen Web Region1910
Lance ValleyKindersley Gen Web Region1913
LancerKindersley Gen Web Region1914
LandauWeyburn Gen Web Region***
LandestrewYorkton Gen Web Region1892
LandisBattleford Gen Web Region1909Daneville Previous Name
LandroseLloydminster Gen Web Region1908
LandscapeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913Wenaus previous Name
LangWeyburn Gen Web Region1904
LangbankWeyburn Gen Web Region**
LangenburgYorkton Gen Web Region1888
LanghamSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905(CNR)
LanghamSaskatoon Gen Web Region**(CPR)
LangmeadeLloydminster Gen Web Region1908
LangnorYorkton Gen Web Region1913
LaniganSaskatoon Gen Web Region1907
LaniwciSaskatoon Gen Web Region1939
LaporteKindersley Gen Web Region1914
LarsenSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
Lashburn Lloydminster Gen Web Region1906Wirral Previous Name
Last MountainRegina Gen Web Region1906
LauraSaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
LaventureLloydminster Gen Web Region1925
LawlerYorkton Gen Web Region1906(W.L. Lawler)
LawrieYorkton Gen Web Region1907Insinger Previous Name; (Robert Lawrie)
LawsonRegina Gen Web Region1907
LaxdalKamsack Gen Web Region1907Mozart Later Name; (T.S. Laxdal)
LaycoKamsack Gen Web Region1950Dunlop Previous Name
Le ClairLloydminster Gen Web Region1920(1920-1927); Archie, Paradise Hill Later Names *
Leach SidingRegina Gen Web Region*
LeacrossPrince Albert Gen Web Region1925Autoroad Previous Name *
LeaderKindersley Gen Web Region1917Happyland, Prussia Previous Names *
LeakvilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915(Charles H. Leak)
Leask Lloydminster Gen Web Region1912
LebretYorkton Gen Web Region1886(Rev. Lewis Lebret)
LeckfordSaskatoon Gen Web Region1937*
LecoqSaskatoon Gen Web Region1912
LeevilleMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908*
LeghornSwift Current Gen Web Region**
LehmanYorkton Gen Web Region1913
LeighRegina Gen Web Region1910Jamiston Later Name
LeinanRegina Gen Web Region1909(A.L. Leinan)
LeipzigBattleford Gen Web Region1913
LeitchvilleSwift Current Gen Web Region1908(L. Leitch)
LembergYorkton Gen Web Region1904
LemsfordKindersley Gen Web Region1911
LeneySaskatoon Gen Web Region1909
Lenora LakeSaskatoon Gen Web Region1906Lake Lenore Later Name
LensKamsack Gen Web Region1932
LenvalePrince Albert Gen Web Region1931Bagley, Hanson Previous Names *
LeofeldSaskatoon Gen Web Region1904
LeofnardSaskatoon Gen Web Region1923
Leoville Lloydminster Gen Web Region1930
LepineSaskatoon Gen Web Region1930
LerossYorkton Gen Web Region1909
LeroySaskatoon Gen Web Region1921Bog End Previous Name
LeslieKamsack Gen Web Region1962Leslie Station Previous Name
Leslie StationKamsack Gen Web Region1909Leslie Later Name
LestockYorkton Gen Web Region1947Lestock Station Previous Name
Lestock StationYorkton Gen Web Region1911Lestock Later Name
LettBattleford Gen Web Region*
LevenSwift Current Gen Web Region Beverly, Beverley Station Later Names * 
LevukaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region**
LewisRegina Gen Web Region1907(W.E. Lewis)
LewiswynYorkton Gen Web Region1907(William Lewis)
LewvanWeyburn Gen Web Region1911
LibertyRegina Gen Web Region1911
LidgettMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1912Sister Butte Later Name
LiebenthalKindersley Gen Web Region1940
LightwoodsKamsack Gen Web Region1914
LilacSaskatoon Gen Web Region1918
LilleKindersley Gen Web Region*
LillestromMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1915
Lily PlainLloydminster Gen Web Region1946Butterby Previous Name; RE-used name Lily Plain
Lily PlainLloydminster Gen Web Region1895(1895-1932); 24-48-1-W3
LilydaleLloydminster Gen Web Region1913Huron Previous Name
LimerickMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1908
LinacreKindersley Gen Web Region1926Haverhill Previous Name
LindequistBattleford Gen Web Region**
LintlawKamsack Gen Web Region1910
LippentottWeyburn Gen Web Region1887
LipsettSaskatoon Gen Web Region*Pleasant Valley P.O. name
LiptonYorkton Gen Web Region1905
LisieuxMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1926Joeville Previous Name
Little BridgePrince Albert Gen Web Region*
Little BuffaloLloydminster Gen Web Region1926Carrollton Previous Name
Little ManitouMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1907
Little WoodyMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1909Poplar Valley, Constance Later Names; 12-4-29-W2
Little WoodyMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1924RE-used name Little Woody; 24-4-9-W2
LittlevilleRegina Gen Web Region1909
Livelong Lloydminster Gen Web Region1917
Livimoo-Moonlight BayLloydminster Gen Web Region**
Lizard LakeBattleford Gen Web Region1908
LlewellynSaskatoon Gen Web Region* 4-38-4-W3
LlewellynYorkton Gen Web Region* 2-22-3-W2
LloydminsterLloydminster Gen Web Region1903
LobethalRegina Gen Web Region1906
LockerbieMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
LockwoodSaskatoon Gen Web Region1908
Log ValleyRegina Gen Web Region1904
LogantonSaskatoon Gen Web Region1905
LogbergYorkton Gen Web Region1892
Lone RockLloydminster Gen Web Region1914
Lone SpruceKamsack Gen Web Region191412-34-8-W2 (1914-1927)
Lone SpruceLloydminster Gen Web Region193834-51-2-W3; RE- used name Lone Spruce
Lone StarMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
Lonesome ButteMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
Long CreekMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1905Buffin Later Name
LongacreRegina Gen Web Region*
LongbankWeyburn Gen Web Region1910
LongfieldKamsack Gen Web Region1915Glen Kelly Previous Name
LonghopeLloydminster Gen Web Region1928
LonglaketonRegina Gen Web Region1884
LongworthKindersley Gen Web Region1910
LonmayKindersley Gen Web Region*Aikins Later Name*
LoomisSwift Current Gen Web Region1929Cariss, Echo Previous Names
Loon CreekYorkton Gen Web Region1884
Loon ForksLloydminster Gen Web Region1925
Loon Lake Lloydminster Gen Web Region1934Tulibee Lake Previous Name
Loon RiverLloydminster Gen Web Region1930
LoreburnRegina Gen Web Region1908
LorenzoLloydminster Gen Web Region1914
LorimervilleRegina Gen Web Region1908
LorlieYorkton Gen Web Region1887
LornhillRegina Gen Web Region1906
Lost RiverPrince Albert Gen Web Region1907
LothianSaskatoon Gen Web Region1947Smithburg Previous Name
LouvainBattleford Gen Web Region1915
Lovat StationWeyburn Gen Web Region1913Kegworth Later Name
LovePrince Albert Gen Web Region1935
LovellKamsack Gen Web Region1903(William Lovell)
LovernaBattleford Gen Web Region1912
Loverna JunctionBattleford Gen Web Region*
LowetonWeyburn Gen Web Region1906(J.B. Lowe)
Lucky LakeRegina Gen Web Region1908
LuellaMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911
LumsdenRegina Gen Web Region1892
Lumsden BeachRegina Gen Web Region1914
LundeenRegina Gen Web Region1913(Jonas O. Lundeen)
LurganPrince Albert Gen Web Region*
LuselandBattleford Gen Web Region1910
LuxemburgLloydminster Gen Web Region1906Redberry Previous Name, Hafford Later Name
LuxtonWeyburn Gen Web Region* 5-6-W2
LyddenBattleford Gen Web Region1913Duperow Later Name
LydiardMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1913
LynthorpeMoose Jaw Gen Web Region1911

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